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November 4, 2013

The Secret Language Name for this date,
and for those born during it, is...


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DAY Provocateur

The Day of the Provocateur
Traits of this day...



Faith is sometimes more powerful than actions


    November 4 people, in attracting a wide range of energy to themselves, can put a strain on their psychological and physical reserves. It is therefore important for them to limit their responsibilities, and escape to a quiet home or vacation hideaway regularly. Those born on this day tend to disregard symptoms of bad health, often because they are taken up with the concerns of others. They must take at least basic precautions to protect themselves from contagious diseases. It is difficult for many November 4 people to discipline their diet since their passion for food can lead to cravings and binges. Weight control is a particular problem for women born on this day. Exercise is the greater part of the solution.

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Personality of this day...

    Those born on November 4 have a knack for arousing controversy. They are highly stimulating in both word and deed and in their family and social circle tend to be dominant and valued members.

    Though many November 4 people assume a conservative, perhaps almost colorless appearance, their charm and wealth of personality becomes apparent in conversation. On first meeting, they usually make a lively yet sincere impression, and may not show right away just how provocative they can be. In fact, the longer one knows them, the more one sees that they not only have a talent for stirring up the pot but also piercing the thickest armor in their personal contacts.

    Masters at breaching defenses, they usually know exactly where the soft or vulnerable points are. Indeed, once they get rolling they can be very difficult for anyone, including themselves, to stop. Recognizing their limitations, controlling their energies, becoming more realistic in their goals, and above all remaining constructive in their outlook is important for them to keep in mind.

    November 4 people have a fine sense of humor that can at one time be dry and restrained, at another, infectious—even hilarious. It is a very human and positive attribute that allows them to quickly bridge differences in race, class or religion. Through a joke and a bit of laughter, they can put people at ease and break the ice in an uncomfortable situation. On the other side, depression is very alien to the November 4 character, and therefore those born on this day have a great deal of trouble understanding the negativity of others. The problem is that they sometimes fail to recognize how serious things have gotten in their own situation and can remain unduly optimistic when prospects are in fact bleak.

    November 4 people are highly magnetic personalities, who not only have a talent for persuasion but are adept at ignoring or dexterously parrying criticism directed their way. In their mind, sooner or later they will win others over to their point of view. Yet ultimately they can misjudge the receptiveness of their audience, especially since their viewpoints can be quite extreme and their presentation provocative and even upsetting. By thus creating a chaotic situation they may undercut their own influence.

    November 4 people love to be served but usually return the favor by giving at least as much as they get. In fact, they can be overly giving and others may take advantage of them or come to expect too much. For some November 4 people, the expectations of others can become intolerably heavy after a while, even for the seemingly boundless energy they possess.

    Particularly women born on this day must beware of getting involved with the wrong man. Men born on this day tend to become indispensable emotionally, perhaps too much so for those close to them, and thus must beware of fostering dependency.

  • Adopt a more neutral stance toward life.
  • Work quietly and keep your emotions under control.
  • Don’t give more than you can sustain over time.
  • Also beware of the demands you make on others.
  • Keep your sense of humor active.
  • WEEK Depth

    The Week of Depth
    Traits of this week...


    Energy of the week...

        During The Week of Depth we are given a unique opportunity to see into our ourselves and contact deeper emotional levels.

        Great care must be taken in such matters since feelings can run out of hand. Yet expression of these feelings (in an acceptable, non–destructive fashion) is important, since otherwise they can get stuffed down inside and lead to serious depression.

        Encountering ourselves at such a profound level is not an easy thing to do, and in fact can even push some individuals over the edge. Yet valuable results can result from this introspective work and it will usually prove to be well worth the effort expended.

    Personality of this week...

        Profundity in all forms is an irresistible attraction to those born during the Week of Depth. Shunning superficiality, they take a measured and serious view of life, both at work and at home. This is not to say that they don’t like to have fun—far to the contrary. In pursuing their hobbies, pastimes and lighter activities, however, they show the same full-bodied intensity and concentration that they do in the more purposeful parts of their lives.

        These people are highly competitive in their careers and leisure activities, but they seldom allow this impulse into their private lives. Jealousy and envy are naturally close to their passionate core, but they are generally able to understand and control such emotions to prevent them from running riot. In extreme cases, however, these feelings may emerge powerfully in their personality, threatening to engulf it entirely.

        One area in which the position of such people is firmly fixed is that of finance. They are well aware of the power of money in daily life, and rarely will they knowingly put themselves at an economic disadvantage. They may even worry unduly about financial matters, and although they are not miserly, they do tend to hold on to what they have. They can get very upset with mates and business partners who are too free with their spending or downright fiscally irresponsible. Yet they must beware of applying a double standard, for they, too, can go overboard, spending money on themselves shamelessly. To allay their own feelings of anxiety, they need to be good earners.

        They can be empathic with the suffering of others, for they know what it is to suffer themselves. They don’t generally seek out painful situations, but they know that a life without hardship and struggle has little meaning. They will feel, say, the death of a parent, friend, child or mate deeply—so deeply, in fact, that it can have an overwhelming or catastrophic effect on them; indeed, they may never recover from it. They may not ruminate on the subject of death, and usually try to put it out of their minds, but at a deeper level they are often obsessed with the subject. The need to sleep soundly for long periods yet the failure to remember their dreams can be characteristic of such personalities, who need a lot of time for unconscious expression and often cut off the content of such activities from daily awareness.

        It can be difficult to get them to open up emotionally and to talk about whatever may be bothering them. Even a trusted life partner or dear friend must pass all kinds of roadblocks before getting close to their inner feelings. To listen to what they are finally ready to say requires patience, understanding and nonclaiming love. Any deep bond formed with such an individual obviously cannot be taken lightly; not everyone is ready for such deep and heavy commitment.

        These people are fascinated by forms of escape. Physical or psychic retreat to a safe haven, and the ability to switch off their mental motor at will, allows them to deal with aspects of daily life that they would rather not face. Television, movies, music and books are healthy habits for them, but addiction, to drugs, alcohol, sex or violence, is always a real possibility, too. When such activity involves others, they are not necessarily the initiators; they often repress their shadow side. Instead, however, they may summon up possessive or violent behavior in their immediate environment, forcing their mates and lovers to act out their own repressed negativity. This may be directed against these people themselves, who then become their own victims.

        These people are not the best choice for victimization, for they are counter-punchers by nature and can be fierce in protecting themselves and their loved ones. Few who have experienced their anger will seek to arouse it a second time. It is typical of them, in fact, to be occasionally subject to volcanic outbursts of emotion, which, although rarely seen, are not easily forgotten.

        These people generally make steadfast friends and faithful lovers and mates. This is only partly a matter of morality; being overly flexible and changeable is really not possible for them, so turning from one partner to another, or adopting new methods and techniques in their work, is generally not an option. Being forced to make such switches by circumstances or fate can bring out their worst side.

        Both lovers and friends can testify to the softer side of these people. Although their presence is often formidable, they can be unusually kind, giving, and even quite sentimental. They are generally kind to animals and small children, who awaken their protective and nurturing instincts, and they can make excellent parents.

        Those born during the Week of Depth can also be secretive and controlling. Their sexual needs and demands often also run high, but they can equally well go for long periods of time without wanting intimate contact. They are, generally speaking, very physical, enjoying the pleasures of table and bed. As long as they remain sensitive to their partners and capable of moderation, such drives and appetites can have a positive effect on their relationships. Indeed, they are often only able to overcome their strong attraction to fixed habitual behaviors by learning to share true affection and love.

    PATH Intentional Depth

    Icon, week, way...
    The Week of Depth traveling The Way of Intention

    The Week of Depth
    The Way of Intention

    Their challenge...


    Their fulfillment...


    Personality of this configuration...

        The Way of Intention will doubtless entail some profound experiences for those born during the Week of Depth. Blessed with great energy and powers of concentration, they have the innate ability, on the one hand, to home in on the essentials of any problem or situation and discover the underlying truths. On the other hand, they may also have a pronounced inability simply to “lighten up” and thereby avoid the dangers of obsession or fixation that are part of their makeup. In addition, they may ignore the development of higher spiritual awareness often demanded by this path and get stuck in a strictly material approach to life and success. For these are individuals who can come to believe that the dollar is indeed almighty. Yet there is enormous potential for success with this configuration, and if they take care to let down their personal barriers and open themselves to a larger universe of possibility, the spiritual hunger that is part of this destiny is sure to be satisfied.



    WAY Intention

    Manifestation to Intensity...
    The Way of Intention
    Traits of this way...


    Their goal...


    They must release...


    Their reward...


    Their balance point...


    Personality of this way...

        Those born during the Way of Intention must learn how to concentrate fully on any matter at hand, to eliminate the superfluous from their life and work, and to acquire greater mastery. While these thoroughly practical men and women have an innate ability to focus, too often this ability is more sporadic than consistent in nature. While they are already able to concentrate in short, intense spurts, they are here to learn how to focus over the long haul. For this to occur, they must learn to set an intention and hold it. The development of such a capacity for intention is, in essence, about harnessing one’s own mind for a specific purpose. For these individuals—who are easily knocked off balance and blown off course—this is far more difficult than it may seem.

        At first glance, they often appear to be the epitome of the “natural man”. Highly sensuous, they enjoy life and its pleasures with the greatest of gusto. A core lesson for them is how not to be sidetracked, whether by the latest pleasure or the latest gizmo, scheme, or plan, all of which usually offer only short­term rewards. In fact, much of the journey for these sybaritic individuals involves learning how to tame these urges in order to focus on more important areas of life: work, health, home life, or relationships with spouses, friends, or children. These voluptuous men and women can easily remain ensconced in their pleasures, yet by doing so would stagnate intellectually, psychologically, morally, and spiritually. Apt to be content with the status quo, they tend to avoid anything that requires discipline and attention, thus stymieing their ability to move forward to greater achievements. Therefore, they must literally pull themselves out of the proverbial Eden and move onward.

        It may be easy to spot these individuals on the street; they are the ones who are meandering along enjoying the life around them with a gently sexual swagger to their stride, occasionally stopping to peer intently at whatever catches their fancy. Their challenge, however, is to learn how to move resolutely toward a goal by firmly setting their intention on reaching and keeping it. They must teach themselves to be less pragmatically involved in details—which usually bog them down—and more morally driven. That is, they need to have the moral courage to think always of the long­term goal and the greater good by cutting away all that does not contribute to those aims.

        Their struggles can be substantial, for they are born with a great deal of stubbornness and resistance to change. Only when they have succeeded in eliminating a certain laziness from their character will they free their hands to grapple with the world. While their tenacity can help them, they often use it instead to merely cling to the status quo, often staying in the same rut year after year, whether it is good for them or not, and never freeing themselves from the old habits that are so deeply ingrained in their personality. Moreover, their emotional vulnerability to the approval and disapproval of others can hold them back. Moving toward a more truthful, single­minded, and dynamic approach requires letting go of a kind of smug self­satisfaction. In order for their core lessons of focusing and intending to be learned, they must keep their eyes firmly on an object they desire, not be sidetracked, and acquire a somewhat compulsive attitude that will not compromise or let up in its intensity.

        The primary area in which their struggle takes place is first and foremost within themselves. Before they accomplish a psychological and spiritual turnaround, they will be unable to proceed effectively in their professional or personal activities. In early years, family and school may be the arenas of such training, which could well involve strict parents and teachers who plant the first seeds of an uncompromising approach to chores and study habits. Sooner or later, they will see that a hard choice must be made between present pleasures and future goals if anything meaningful is to be accomplished. Of course, the ability to enjoy themselves must not be impaired or even crushed in childhood, or the result may well be a workaholic or puritanical attitude, which could cripple all real spiritual growth and prevent any lasting happiness.

        Obviously, these extremes are problematical. They always risk getting bogged down in their own sensuality and procrastination. Since they can so easily slip back, they must be ruthless in blocking out their tendency just to hang out and relax. However, the opposite problem, that of taking over and creating unbearable tensions and an inability to take it easy, must also be dealt with. A pattern of hard work and reward is undoubtedly the best kind of program. In such a scenario, having proceeded to home in on a problem and solve it with the laserlike focus, their sensuous side can kick in to provide great satisfaction in the ensuing rest period.

        Above all, those on the Way of Intention have a fascination for the simple pleasures, for nature and natural living. If they can lead a simpler life, their goal of avoiding distractions may be more easily achieved. Thus, it is highly recommended that they live a more rural lifestyle that will help them avoid the many amusements that larger cities offer. In nature, it is far easier for these individuals to see the bigger picture and to stick to their goals. What is perhaps best for them is to have a “normal” lifestyle, in which family and neighborhood responsibilities must be discharged regularly. By forming bonds with their neighbors and taking pride in their home, they will have a greater chance for domestic happiness. Also, in the process a middle ground can be forged between their excessive physicality and spartan attitudes. Parties, dinners with friends, holiday celebrations, and family get-togethers are all venues that encourage self­expression and sharing.

        In relationships, a danger exists that their stubborn, tenacious qualitiy will overlie and meld with an overly stern or hurtful attitude, thus creating an unforgiving attitude toward others that can survive for years or even decades. Learning to let go of resentments and blame, which can easily provide a source of distraction for years, is imperative for these folks who find it easy to be overpossessive, even codependent, in their relationships. This can be gratifying to the object of their affections, their intended, or a mate who is made to feel needed and appreciated, but it can also cause them to feel trapped or at least hemmed in. Moreover, this sort of attention to relationship is apt to keep them from focusing on more important, longer­term goals. Therefore, the best mates for them are strong, dedicated individuals who are able to withstand their partner’s intensity without giving up their own individuality. Mates, friends, and lovers who are weak and overly dependent will only arouse the wrong kind of protective energy or demand too much attention, holding back their development. A good partner for these individuals is pragmatic enough to help them keep their focus while also having the capacity to see the big picture, helping to broaden their loved one’s focus.

        The people born during the Way of Intention can be personified by a sculptor who crafts his vision from a piece of marble. Chipping away day after day, the sculptor rids his work of all extraneous material, ultimately revealing the beautiful form within the stone. Focused and always keeping the image of his finished piece in mind, the artist does not allow anything to come between themself and their creation. Thus, they are challenged to keep their passion for their goal alive through both thick and thin, until the last piece falls into place and the desired outcome is achieved; otherwise, their creative intensity might flag, their resolve weaken, and their vision fade.

  • It’s often not enough to have a goal in mind; usually one must also have the intention to achieve it.
  • MONTH Enforcer

    The Month of the Enforcer
    Their motto...

    I Control

    Personality of this month...

        The Month of the Enforcer is the eighth month of the Personology year. Weighty and intense, those who are born this month share certain aggressive characteristics with those born during the month of the Dynamo, but are more fixed in their orientation. They symbolically demonstrate the power of middle age and a corresponding ability to direct and control the life around it.

        Although often defensive, they have a far-seeing nature and a capacity to both ascend to the heights and plummet to the depths.

        These people have the capacity to shun human contact if they wish, and deal with serious matters in a purposeful fashion. They tend to have volcanic sexual energies as well as an insight into the mysteries of metamorphosis and transformation.

        People born during the Month of the Enforcer transmute gracious, social and diplomatic energies into philosophical, changeable and fiery ones.

        Their personality can be likened to the onset of middle age and the individual’s attempt to achieve full power within social roles. This may involve being a dominant force in the family and workplace, or reaching the summit of one’s creative achievement. These people emphasize their powerful, sexual, dark, fateful and deep aspects, including dynamism and directedness, but perhaps also belligerence. Often serious people, those who have felt their sting know that they are not easily ignored. However, they usually do not seek confrontation but rather keep their weapons in reserve to be used in self-defense.

        Many of them have been unfairly labeled as treacherous, underhanded and oversexed. In fact, they do have an intimate connection with the world of the unconscious. Furthermore, the themes of death and rebirth play a dynamic part in their lives; many of them seem to undergo an arduous, sometimes agonized, process of transformation and metamorphosis in their personality.

        Generally speaking, those who are born during the Month of the Enforcer carry with them an instinctive understanding of the high seriousness and tragic nature of life. Therefore, they are very suspicious of pollyanna philosophies, panaceas, undue optimism and superficial attitudes or glitter. On the other hand, they usually have an excellent sense of humor, and show a mature understanding of the ironies of life. They must beware, more than most, of tendencies toward self-destructive and overly controlling behavior, addiction and in general an inability to relinquish attachments of all sorts—whether to people or ideas.

    SEASON Maintenance

    The Season of Maintenance
    Their mode of thought...


    These are the people who can be relied upon to hang in there, institute repairs if necessary and keep things going year after year.

    Concepts of this season...

    Beauty, Drama & Criticism, Revolution

    Their motto...

    I Weigh, I Control, I Philosophize

    Elements of this season...

    Air, Water, Fire

    Personality of this season...

        The fall equinox usually occurs around September 23rd in the northern hemisphere. At this time of harvest, days and nights are again of equal length. As fall wears on, however, the days grow shorter and the nights longer. Fall is the third quarter of the yearly cycle, extending from the fall equinox to the winter solstice.

        Fall is traditionally the period at which time the final harvest of summer growth takes place—afterwards, much of the ground is covered by leaves or mulch for the winter. A decomposition of plant life now begins by which the earth is enriched. Most of the farmland lies fallow during this period but some winter crops can be planted. Temperatures begin to drop as the sun shares less of itself, and freezing nights are evinced by morning frost. Some animal life goes into hibernation or migrates to a warmer climate. Deciduous trees change color in riotous displays, and an autumn nip is in the air. The rhythm of life of this quadrant is quicker and more survival-oriented. High-energy or bulk diets are preferred here (both by animals and humans). The bounty of foodstuffs is waning, and life again becomes more difficult.

        Generally speaking, those born in the fall demonstrate both a greater ability and need to control their external environment. Autumnal people are rarely as enthusiastic as those born in the spring and summer, being rather more selective and critical. Maintenance is the overriding consideration here rather than initiation or development of new projects. In some respects, autumnal people tend to be more introverted and thoughtful than springtime and summertime people. Feelings are kept under stricter control. Yet, social urges are more maturely and fully expressed here also—friendships, group and community activities, direct working contributions to society are important at this time. Autumnal people manifest a strong urge to share and take part in serious and fulfilling relationships.

        Those born in the fall have a heightened awareness of what is going on around them, perhaps greater than that of any other seasonal group. Impulse and emotion may be lower key in autumnal people, but often more subtle and complex. Both self–understanding and self–control are given high priority.

        Autumnal folks tend to be more concerned with nurturing ideas and with survival than with bringing new life into the world. Childbearing and childrearing generally speaking may not hold as central a place for autumnal people as for those born at other times of the year. Sexuality and affection, on the other hand, may hold a deeper meaning and be highly valued by autumnal people. Rather than being positive per se, the attitude of those born in this period is realistic, and positive only when justified by the course of external events.