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Formerly known as Taurus


Formerly known as Gemini


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The Birthday Book!
The Birthday Book!
I Love the Birthday Book!

You go to your birthday, and it tells you what kind of person you are…

And it’s accurate!

It’s completely accurate!

Taylor Swift

Considerate Exacting Craft


It’s amazing how spot on the personality traits really are!

Hoda Kotb

Enchanted Psychological Leverage

So THIS is what’s been missing in my life!

Kris Jenner

Amplified Actuality

I love the Birthday Book!

Evan Spiegel

Freed Critical Expertise

So that’s the reason why I am who I am!

Paula Abdul

Studied Spark


Check out Tom Hanks, Taylor Swift, Paula Abdul, Kris Jenner, Magic Johnson, Lance Bass and others in our Secret Language on the Red Carpet video!

The New Zodiac

Dynamo – Aries
Nurturer – Taurus
Diversifier – Gemini
Domesticator – Cancer
Commander – Leo
Regulator – Virgo
Magnet – Libra
Enforcer – Scorpio
Voyager – Sagittarius
Supporter – Capricorn
Visionary – Aquarius
Transcender – Pisces

What is Secret Language? Is it Astrology?

Well, not exactly…

Astrology is based on mythology and Secret Language is based on a 40-year study of the life stories of more than 20,000 people.

We looked at 50 people born on your birthday and identified personality traits held in common by 90% of them. Then we built personality profiles around those proven traits.

The results are so amazing they have been published in 16 languages over the last 21 years.


The Secret Language of Birthdays

Reveals how to tap into your own well of power, happiness, and harmony by facing each day, week, month, and season with the support of your Personology Profile.


The Secret Language of Relationships

Shows how personology can craft a relationship profile between any two individuals born during any two weeks of the year. The result is an indispensable guide to getting the most out of every relationship.


The Secret Language of Destiny

Exposes your Way, your karmic path, which governs the course of your entire life. Not understanding your Way is like a farmer not understanding weather.

The Grand Cycle

The Secret Language year is made up of 48 “weeks” which vary from 6 to 9 days in length.

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Thomas Rezek, co-author Secret Language

My name is Thomas Rezek, co-author of Secret Language, and I was born on April 9, 1960.

Several years ago I discovered the Secret Language Name (SLN) which describes your life in a few simple words.

My SLN is Grounded Excess since I was born on the Day of Excess during the Way of Grounding.

Below is a short excerpt from my personal Personology Profile, which shows my own 18 strengths and weaknesses along with descriptions of personalities of people born during the same day, week, month, etc.

I use Secret Language daily to check the nature of the current day which reveals hidden problems and opportunities!

April 9, 1960 – “Grounded Excess”


April 9 people are certainly one of a kind. They are often the extreme embodiment of unusual trends in society, their talents conveyed in excess. Any compromise, restriction or tempering of their abilities is out of the question. Usually they leave no doubt as to their views on any subject—they are outspoken, direct, sometimes even harsh. But talking about what they do is not really their specialty; they just prefer doing it, which usually means doing it a lot.



Those born during the Week of the Star need to be at the center of things. They often feel lonely, even in the midst of a crowd, and consequently they rarely allow themselves to be alone. They must have satellite planets revolving around them: admirers, supporters or co-workers. These individuals may seem self-centered, but even as they insist that their central position not be jeopardized or threatened, many are able to let go of their ego to a surprising degree by giving themselves fully to a project, cause, movement or religion.


Those born during the Way of Grounding must take their fertile imagination and visionary abilities and ground them in pragmatism. Dreamers, they must develop the assurance and conviction to deal with the here and now. Because their minds are so highly philosophical, their struggle to ground their thoughts and make practical use of them is not an easy one.


Energetic and forceful, these people are fiery, prodigious and dynamic. They wish to exist for their own sake, rather than to understand themselves through objective comparison. These positive people strive for the purest manifestation—they simply are. As such, they do not take kindly to being misunderstood or mistaken for something which they are not.


Those born in the spring often carry a childlike air about them their whole life long. Innocence, spontaneity, impulse—these are all characteristic of springtime people. Generally positive in their outlook, they may be put off by highly serious attitudes and have little patience for those with negative orientations.


Tending to be goal and success oriented, those born during the Week of the Star who journey along the Way of Grounding are promised a really rewarding passage as here some truly inspired creative talents come together with a generous measure of worldly ambition and considerable drive.

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